One Health concept is based on the understanding that the health of the humans, animals and the environment is inextricably linked, and that promoting the well being of all species can only be achieved through a holistic multidisciplinary approach at the human-animal-ecosystems interface. Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU) has taken a pioneer step in this regard following the establishment of the Centre for One Health Education Advocacy Research and Training, the first of its kind in India aiming at the sustained health of the community by addressing various issue of concern today like the food safety and security, zoonoses, diseases from natural origins like soil, water and air. This innovative endeavor is built upon by roping in the emerging concept of One Health and disseminating this concept to the stakeholders involved through various educational means. WHO, OIE, FAO and the UN organizations have in various ways highlighted the alarming dangers that could affect health of humans and animals, and the interdependency of health between humans, plants and animals. These organizations have strongly endorsed the concept of One Health which in a simple manner means, we do not simply exist, but co-exist.

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Director, Entrepreneurship, KVASU

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