Interface meet on food Safety and Public Health- For WTO members

A special interface meet was organized by COHEART on March 30th 2016 for all the members of Wayanad Tourism Organization (WTO) and other organizations to study the prospects of Wayanad to serve as a safe food destination for tourist. The interface was particpated by Food Safety Officers and Head of some of the Departments of CVAS, Pookode and Scientists. Shri. P. J. Verghese, FSO handled a detail session on Food Safety Requirements of Food Service Establishments. Dr. Renuka, Head, Livestok Products Technology and Dr. Magna Thoma, Asst. Prof and Head, Dept. of Dairy Science enlightented the audience on "Safety aspects of foods of animal origin- Meat, Milk, fish, egg and their products". An in-depth interaction was held on foods of animal origin and their safety aspects that will make wayanad a destination for safe food. COHEART stress on the holistic approach to food safety that combines knowledge, service, and solution driven activities. Mr. Vanchy, president, WTO offered the feedback and appreciated COHEART for organizing the meet. 

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