DE's Message

“Centre for One Health Education, Advocacy, Research and Training” of the University is a unique and pioneer educational attempt on implementing the present day concept of One Health for the benefit of the humanity and other living organisms. It is a concept embedded in the philosophy of “co-existence” in which every other living being (and non living beings like air, water and soil) influences the health of the fellow being. The exploration of interconnectedness helps us to realise various factors and conditions of healthy existence. Of these, one of the important areas is the transmission of diseases. Trying to understand this linkage helps in preventing, controlling and treating diseases in humans and animals, thus contributing to a healthy world.

One Health Concept which is a worldwide strategy for expanding interdisciplinary collaboration and communication in all aspects of healthcare for humans, animals and the environment. The centre will prove to be one of a kind and will provide a valuable opportunity for health professionals to meet each other and discuss key issues that pertain to everyone’s area of expertise. I hope that ‘One Health Pursuit’ will achieve unique strides in human and animal sciences with a harmonious and comprehensive approach to Zoonoses and food safety challenges. Shaping innovative ideas in challenging health issues and communicating them effectively will be the priorities of this Centre in the years ahead and will also serve society’s changing health needs. The Veterinary University via COHEART is building the ensuring the future health by working on the present. Here, it is not the overlap of disciplines that is explored, but one holistic approach entangling the diverse aspects of each discipline is concentrated. I wish this sagacious venture opens the floodgate of opportunities leading to prosperity and equanimity. I am sure that the interdisciplinary co-operation in the One Health programme will advance health care for the 21st century. This website of COHEART gives an easy access to the users on the concepts and activities of this Centre. This could act as a platform for different stakeholders working in the sector to raise their doubts, initiate debates and discussions, pass on information for posting etc.

I wish this website is put into optimum use, if not the maximum, by incorporation of dynamic information, content variability and interactivity.

(Director, Entrepreneurship, KVASU)