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California Warns Crab Consumption

05-11-2015 05:04:19

           California department of public health detected dangerous levels of domoic acid in dungeness and rock crabs caught in waters between the Oregon borders and Southern  Barbara Santa County. Domoic acid is a naturally occuring toxin produced from some species of marine diatoms called  Pseudo-nitzschia.A massive bloom of these diatoms brouhgt by warmer water temperature associated with EL Nino event, causing high levels of acid content in water.  

           Marine animals such as crabs filter their food through water,which result in accumulation of toxin in their body.It don't seem harm to the animals,but people who eat the animals may become poisoned.Symptoms will begin within 30 minutes-24 hours,such as vomiting,diarrhea,dizziness,headache,stomach cramps etc.Officials said that,some survivers of severe cases suffer from permenet loss of short term memory also.