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Dengue fever Oubreak in Hawaii

12-11-2015 11:23:12

        Intense urbanisation is aided in the spread of dengue fever.More than 100 countries are endemic for the disease.Left over bottles,tires,containers are the perfect breeding sites of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that transmit the dengue virus.

        According to the report of Hawaii state health officials thirty-three people on Hawaii's big Island have become sick with dengue since september.This is the first locally transmitted viral outbreak on Big Island. Twenty-five of those infected in this current outbreak are residents of the Big Island, while eight are visitors. Four children are among those who have become ill. All patients have recovered or are recovering. Transmission of disease is by bite of infected mosquito.Dengue usually occurs in tropical Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and the South Pacific.Officials of Hawaii saying that,"It's likely an infected traveler infected the local mosquito population, which led to this cluster".