പക്ഷിപനി ഭീതി വേണ്ട ..

This documentary is released by Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in association with Animal Husbandry department as a part of creating awareness on Avian influenza (or Bird flu) in Kerala. The outbreak of the infection claimed over thousands of ducks in water-logged areas of Kuttanad in Alappuzha and has caused a huge loss to poultry rearers. The government has issued a statewide alert following the confirmation of this outbreak. The documentary entitled ‘Pakshipani Beethi venda’ is intended for the media, farmers, local body representatives and public to create awareness on this disease so as to alleviate their apprehensions. This film also intends to help in containing the disease by equipping the public with information on general preventive measures to be adopted in face of an outbreak.