COHEART partners with AHD's Mission Safe Milk-Kottoor

Mission Safe Milk Kottoor is a Model Panchayath Scheme of Dept. of Animal Husbandry. The aim of this scheme is to produce safe (antibiotic & residue free) milk at Kottoor Panchayath. COHEART has partnered this venture for improving farmers knowledge on clean milk as well as conducting research. Dr. Bineesh PP is the veterinarian leading the mission with other staffs and doctors of AHD. All the farmers under a milk cooperative society (Avitanelloor APCOS ) are being trained for producing safe milk with lowest microbial count and high keeping quality taking extreme care that no impurities in the form of dust, antibiotics, veterinary drug residues etc are reaching in the raw milk chain. Farmers are provided with personal hygiene kits like gloves, masks, aprons, caps and other clean milk production accessories. Dr. Vinod VK, Co-ordinator, COHEART educated the farmers on Clean milk production and also enlightened the farmers on the impact of antibiotics usage on animal and human health. Prior to implementation of the project, raw milk from animals was collected and the quality was assessed. The project also involves designing and construction of milking parlour suitable for hygienic milking. Safe milk mission kottor was officially launched by Hon’ minister Shri T. P. Balakrishnan.
COHEART’s collaboration in Mission Safe Milk-Kottoor involves  

  • Pre launching phase of safe milk mission – Sensitize the farmers on clean milk production and to evaluate the quality of milk produced by farmers of the panchayat by detecting presence of indicator bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella and pathogenic bacteria such as Brucella etc.
  • Launching phase- To deliver the results of milk quality analysis to the farming community in order to demonstrate the need of launching this mission and sensitizing farmers on the importance of hygienic milking
  • Post launching phase- Sustainability. To put forth a proposal to the implementing officer of this safe milk mission for establishing a Milk value added centre for sustainability of the mission.

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