Educational program on health hygiene and disease held at govt high school, Vythiri

One day Educational programme on Health Hygiene and Diseases for School students was organized on 29th June 2017 jointly by COHEART & Department of VPH.  The programme was conducted at Government High School Vythiri, for the students of Class IX & X. Facilitators of the awareness programme were Mrs. Megha P.U, Dr Abdulla Sheik and Ms. Ayesha Jumana; Research Assistants of VPH department. The programme was inaugurated and the welcome address was delivered by Mr. Majid, Head Master of the School, followed by situational analysis survey through questionnaire on personal hygiene and diseases. The following session delt with topics like personal hygiene, community hygiene, zoonotic diseases, food and water related infections and its preventive measures. The topics were designed in such a way so as to incorporate elements of one health concept among students. Further a short quiz programme was conducted and the first three prize winners were selected. Feed back of the programme was given by Ms. Shahana, IX standard student of the school, were she thanked the facilitators for the class and recommend such classes in near future.

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