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Dr. AMRITHA RAJEEV (Admission No. 14-PGDOH-0002) residing at Munderi, Kalpetta has completed BAMS from SDM college of Ayurvedha and Hospital, Hassan, Karnataka.Her project for PGD (One Health) involves evaluating certain Ayurvedic preparation (Janu Vasti) in the treatment of Osteoarthritis. Her area of interest is symptomatic management of life style disorder and has experience in performing Nasya, Shringa, Agnikarma and Jaloukavacharana Karmas. She is undertaking the project work under the guidance of Dr. Prejit, Officer-in- Charge, COHEART and Dr.K.P.Vinod Babu (Retd. DMO- Ayurvedha) and charge of Kannur Ayurveda Multispecialty Hospital Kalpetta,Wayanad

Dr. ANITHA (Admission No. 14-PGDOH-0003) is an Ayurvedha practitioner specialized in infertility management. As her project for PGD (One Health), she is working on Ayurvedic approach in Infertility treatment. Her study probes in to the effect of Ayurvedic medicines on treatment of infertility in humans both male and female. She is working under the guidance of Dr. Prejit and Dr C S Krishnakumar, Manager (R&D), Nagarjuna Herbals, Thodupuzha

Dr. Bijlee Bhaskar (Admission No. 14-PGDOH-0003) is presently working as Veterinary Surgeon in Intensive cattle development Project, DVC campus, Kozhikode. The project work involves studying the Sero-prevalence of Brucellosis in goats in Kozhikode district of Kerala. She is working under the guidance of Dr. Arun George, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Clinical Medicine, KVASU, Pookode and Dr. Julie B, Veterinary Surgeon, CDIO, Palode

Dr. Jayasree KV (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0011) is a veterinary surgeon of Kozhikode district. Her project for PG Diploma in One Health is on management of Tuberculosis In tribal colonies of Kodenchery Panchayath. She is working under the guidance of Dr. Leeba Chacko, Assitant Professor at the Department of Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology and Obstetrics and is co-guided by Dr. Haifa Moideen, Medical Officer, Community Health Centre, Kodenchery, Kozhikode. The study aims to determine the incidence and cause of Tuberculosis among the individuals of the Tribal colonies at Kodenchery Panchayat.

Dr. Girraj Singh (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0010) is working as Field Epidemiologist at National Centre for Disease Control, Government of India. Dr. Girraj iscurrently studying on animal bite re-exposure in anti-rabies vaccinated persons in Delhi. He is having more than 16 years of experience in Public Health – Disease Surveillance, Emergency Medical Relief, Public Health Laboratory, Digital Disease Surveillance etc. He has won Best Poster presentation awards in TEPHINET Conferences. He is a Member in Indian Society of Malaria and Other Communicable Diseases, India Public Health Association etc.

Dr. S. Jayasree (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0012) is a veterinary surgeon from Alapuzha district. Her area of work for the PG Diploma in One health is on comparing drug efficacies in  Bovine Amphistomosis. In the study the efficacy of Triclabendazole, oxycloxanide and albendazole in the treatment of bovine amphistomosisin Kanjhikuzhy panchayat of Alappuzha district. The study holds its importance from the perspective that it helps to understand the anthelminthic resistance patterns thus enables to initiate further studies with regard to the use of other alternative medical practices to curb the issue. The study is carried out under the guidance of Dr. H. Shameem,Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Parasitology, KVASU, Pookode

Dr. Asha K (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0004) is presently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Veterinary Public Health, KVASU. Her project for PGD (One Health) comprises of evaluating the level of protective antibody titre against Rabies in vaccinated veterinarians and related professionals. Titration is highly recommended for vaccinated people to check their individual response to immunization. Depending of the concept, a new vaccination should be recommended if the titre is not sufficient to assess the seroconversion level. The test is conducted using an in vitro diagnostic ELISA which allows detection and titration of IgG anti rabies virus glycoprotein in human serum and plasma She is working under the guidance of Dr. Prejit, Officer-in- Charge, COHEART

Meera Varghese (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0016), a dietitian by profession is researching on the effect of detox diet in reducing body weight for controlling important lifestyle diseases. Obesity is identified to be an important health threat not only affecting adults but also children. The increase in the number of cases of juvenile diabetes is greatly correlated with the issue of obesity. To overcome this health threat people are now depending on many scientifically proven methods one of which is the use of detox diets prepared using the locally available food items. The present study is conducted under the guidance of Dr. Vinod V.K, Assitant Professor KVASU, Pookode.

Dr. Nandakumar (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0018) is a veterinary Surgeon working Chief disease Investigation Office, Trivandrum. He is a recipient of Young Scientist Award and was instrumental in establishing FMD lab at Palode the Second FMD best network unit in the country. He is also an HACCP auditor for Government of Kerala. Dr. Nandakumar research for the PG diploma course in one health is “seroprevalence of major zoonotic diseases in stray dog population of Trivandrum corporation” with special emphasis to these three diseases. Among the major zoonotic diseases brucellosis and leptospirosis are of common occurrence in Kerala and dogs are found to be major sources of the causative organisms. The study is being conducted under the guidance of Dr. Koshy John, Professor and Head, Department of Veterinary Microbiology, CV&AS, Pookode and is co-guided by Dr. Terrance B Reamady, Editor, FIB, Trivandrum.

Dr. Naveen Kumar T.J (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0019) graduated in Veterinary sciences and animal Husbandry, presently pursuing his Masters in Livestock Products Technology at the CVAS, Pookode, Wayanad. The research topic selected for the PG diploma in One Health is to “Study the consumption pattern of livestock products among students and staff of Kerala Veterinary & Animal Sciences University campus, Pookode”. Shortage of food is a crisis for the human race in the present and future thus making it essential to utilize the food resources to the maximum. Recent studies have revealed that there will be increased demand for livestock products, through the present study it is aimed to understand the consumption patterns of livestock products among the various social classes, religions and age group and thus in future develop newer products which are cheap and can meet the nutrient requirements. The study is being conducted under the guidance of Dr. Renuka Nayar and co-guidance of Dr. Kavitha Rajagopal, Assistant Professors, Department of Livestock Products Technology, CV&AS, Pookode.

Dr. Saji Eassow (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0024) is working as Manager (Production) in meat products of India Ltd, Koothattukulam, Ernakulam. He has worked General Manager in FermeMirrella, Congo, Africa. He is well verse in all the meat processing and related activity including inspection of raw material, product making of finished products, harvesting of heart valve for replacement in Bypass Heart Surgery for Dr.K.M.Cherian Foundation, Chennai. Harvesting of scald fold tissue for Srichitra Thirunal lnstitute of Medical Science, Thiruvananthapuram. For the One Health course, he is working on new product development under guidance of Dr. B. Sunil.

Krishna (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0014), a MSc Nursing graduate is pursuing her PG Diploma project on Infertility and Health. She is studying the impacts of infertility on spouse’s psychosocial and marital relationship in central Kerala (Guide: Dr. Prejit). Infertility is Man and Animals are very common nowadays. The changes in lifestyle and environment with which we are interacting effects infertility and is found to be on a steep rise. The understanding of the socio-economic impact the   issue has on the society is essential to identify and implement the corrective measures. The present study holds its significance in this aspect.

Dr. Anjana (Admission No. 14-PGDOH-0021) has completed BAMS from Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College, Moodbidri. Her interest area is on Symptomatic management of life style disorder. For the PG Diploma project she will be evaluating Kati Vasti in Low Back Ache and will also study the the efficacy of Ksheerabala Thailam in Osteo arthritis. The work is based on Conceptual study of Kati vasti. Dr. Prejit, COHEART and Dr.K.P.Vinod Babu (Retd. DMO- Ayurvedha) will be acting as the guides for this work.

Dr. Leena Gowda (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0015) is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Veterinary Public Health, Veterinary College, Hebbal, Bangalore, KVAFSU, Bidar. As a part of the PG diploma course in one health she is doing research on the topic “Detection of adulterants in market milk from Bangalore city” under the guidance of Dr. Prejit, Officer-in-charge, COHEART, KVASU. Milk and its products form an important part of the daily life of most Indians thus the assurance of its quality is very essential. The study intends to determine the common adulterants present in the market milk and the health threats that they pose to human health.

Dr. Sarika P (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0027) graduated in veterinary sciences from the College of Veterinary and Aninal Sciences, Mannuthy, Thrissur in the year 1995 and presently working in Animal Husbandry Department of Kerala state in 1996. Apart from being a clinician she holds her interest in extension activities and administrative work. Her keen topic of interest is to assure environmental health and holds herself to be responsible in attaining the aim. She has chosen to conduct a study on the Impact of chinaclay mining of Madayipara hill on the environment of Madayi. The work intends to find out the impact the mining process has on the biodiversity and health of man in the area. By understanding the impacts the study aims to apply the principles of one health concept to tackle the issue. The study is being conducted under the guidance of Dr. Anil K.S.Prof and Head, University Livestockfarm and Fodder research & Development Scheme,Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Mannuthy, Thrissur and would be co-guided by Dr Jaffar Palot, Assistant Zoologist, Zoological Survey of India, Western ghats Regional centre, Calicut.

Dr. Smita S Pillaiis currently working as Veterinary Surgeon (Kannur District) in Animal Husbandry department. Her interest areas are on environmental hygiene and public health. The sight of accumulation of solid wate in human settlements is very common nowadays, and understanding the threat they pose to the health of man, animal and nature is very important. Dr. Smita S Pillai (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0030) chose her research topic for the PG diploma course in one health to be on “Effect of solid waste disposal system on man, animals and environment”. The study is to be conducted under the guidance of Dr. Vinod V.K with an aim to explore the ill effects of the unscientific methods of disposal of solid waste but also to design the One Health strategies to be adopted to address the issue effectively.

Dr. Sunitha R (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0032) completed her Masters in Veterinary Public Health from the College of Veterinary and Animal Sciencs, Pookode, Wayanad in 2015. The research topic that she chose for her PG diploma in one health was “Isolation and Identification of Salmonella typhimurium and Listeria monocytogenes in sea food of Wayanad, Kerala”. The study will be conducted to understand the role of seafood and its products in the occurrence of the major food borne illness- Salmonellosis and Listeriosis. The work is planned under the guidance of D. Prejit, COHEART.

Dr. Tessy (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0034) is currently working as Veterinary Surgeon (Kannur District) in Animal Husbandry department. She is focussed on comparing and establishing the diagnostic potential of common laboratory techniques used for the diagnosis of rabies with the use of putrified samples. The work entitled “Diagnostic Potential Of Common Laboratory Techniques” will be conducted under the guidance of Dr. Arun George, Assitant Profesor, Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, CV&AS, Pookode, Wayanad and by Dr. Julie B, Veterinary Surgeon i/c rabies lab,CDIO.

Dr. Sanjay Devarajan (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0026), MVSc, NDPVM Veterinary Surgeon Department of Animal Husbandry Govt of Kerala, India. The topic chosen for PG Diploma in One Health is Seroprevalence of Tuberculosis infection among captive Asian elephants. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is known to cause spill over infection in many species including Asian Elephants. He is working under the guidance of Dr. B. Sunil, Professor and Head and Dr. Swapna Susan Abraham, Disease Investigation Officer

Dr. Vimal Zevier (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0038) is currently working as Veterinary Surgeon in Animal Husbandry department. Her area of interest is in the assurance of the quality of milk and food safety practices. Even though dairy production is known since long ago the concept of clean milk production which assures the good quality of milk and also protects the cattle from mastitits is not known to many dairy farmers which actually hinder the growth of the dairy sector. In this context Dr. Vimal Zevier chose his topic of study for the PG diploma course in One Health to create “Awareness on clean milk production practices among the small scale farmers of Cherthala Municipality of Alappuzha District”. The study conducted under the guidance of Dr K Syamala Assistant Professor, Dept. Of veterinary Parasitology, COVAS, Mannuthy aims to help address the issue of food safety and security.

Minnu Francis (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0017) is based at Thrissur district and is a Dental Doctor by profession. Her PG Diploma project work is on tobacco chewing and oral mucosal health with special reference to tribal population. She will be conductingclinical general examination, dental hygiene assessment and prevalence of tobacco /betel / arecanut chewing in the tribal population. She will be finding out the correlation between tobacco /betel / arecanut chewing and oral mucosal /dental lesions. Dr. Prejit and Dr. Harpreet Singh Pawar are acting as her guides in this work

Dr. Soya . E (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0031) is working as   veterinary surgeon in Animal Husbandry Department of Kerala in kannur district. She was a member of The   Technical advisory Group   of Taliparamba Block for the last few years. The PG Diploma project of Dr. Soya is studying the prevelance of Rabies in Taliparamba   & nearby panchayats. The main objective of the work is to   compare the occurrence of rabies in man and   different species of animals in Taliparamba municipality   and nearby Panchayats for the last 5 years

Dr. Salil Kutty (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0025) is working as   veterinary surgeon in Animal Husbandry Department of Kerala in Ernakulam district. His PG Diploma work is based on composition of meat and bone meal produced from different proportions of bone and offal by dry rendering. Dry rendering is an environment-friendly process of converting abattoir by-products into useful and safe secondary by-products like meat and bone meal (MBM) and rendered fat, which have wide applications as pet food, stock feed supplement and fertilizer. Dr.Vasudevan V N, Assistant Professor of Dept. of LPT and Dr. Athira Prakash are acting as the guides.

Dr. Sindhu (Admission No. 14-PGDOH-029) is an MVSc scholar of Dept. of Veterinary Pharmacology, CVAS, Pookode. She is working on Preliminary screening for pesticides residues in milk from organized dairy farms of Wayanad under the guidance of Dr. Sanis Juliet. Her work focusses on qualitative and quantitative estimation for various pesticide residues in milk and Qualitative screening of water source supplied to dairy farms for chemical contamination/pesticide residues.

Dr.Viji.V.R (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0037) ispresently working as Veterinary Surgeon, at Mannarakkulanji Veterinary Dispensary. She is working on Epidemiological Profile and surveillance of zoonotic diseases in KONNI Block. Her study is to evaluate the Occurrence & present status of zoonotic diseases in this block and also analyse season wise as well as geography wise distribution of the various zoonotic diseases. Further, the impact of agricultural practices on the incidence of zoonosis will also be assessed. She is working under the guidance of Dr. Sujith, Assistant Professor, Dept of Veterinary Pharmacology