Interface meet on food Safety and Public Health- For food service establishments

COHEART organized interface meet between food safety officers, public health scientists, Owners of Food Service Establishments on 28th March 2016 at Pookode. COHEART envisage the development of a sustainable platform for interaction of all the stakeholders involved in food industry and public health sectors across the State. The Interface meet was arranged for enabling knowledge transfer and linking food related and public health sectors of the district. Director of Entrepreneurship of KVASU Dr. T. P. Sethumadhavan handled a session of need of food security and food safety. In his talk, he stressed that India is looking for clean air and clean water, it is the need of the hour to provide safe food to the consumers as envisaged in FSSA act. Hoteliers need to verify infrastructure facilities, safety of raw materials during procurement and the processes to assess the safety of foods. Food processing industry is growing at a rate of 18-20 percent per annum in the country. Smt. Aleyamma.P.K, food Safety Officer, Calicut handled a session on need based issues in food safety and mandates of SSA.  The interface offers discussion on food safety and enlightened the mandates of FSSA in Kerala for the owners of all the hotels and restaurants. This was followed by the interaction with scientists and food safety officer.

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