Interface meet on “Latest research and entrepreneurial opportunities in veterinary science”

COHEART and IVRI organized Veterinary doctor-Faculty-Scientists- Students interface meet on September 27-28, 2016. Scientists from Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) gave insight on latest research and entrepreneurial opportunities in veterinary science during the interface meet jointly organized by COHEART and IVRI, at Pookode on September 27-28, 2016. A total of 150 delegates comprising of faculties, students and veterinary surgeons from Kerala interacted with Scientists from IVRI. The interface was on various emerging and recent technologies developed in Veterinary field as well as on entrepreneurship and agri-business incubation opportunities. The Principal Scientist and Head of various divisions of IVRI handled the session meet. This included key personalities such as, Dr. Mahesh Chander who briefed that the veterinarians can channel their inner entrepreneurial capability for their success by stepping outside their comfort zone and getting involved in local community or civic groups, meet new farmers and understand their problems and come with some concrete development plans. Dr R.P Singh, Head of Biological Products Division elaborated need based research towards technology development in order to reach the end users viz., farmers. “The world of animal medicine has seen drastic technological advances in the last few years and the new surgical tools and diagnostic procedures adopted from human medical practice are now used in veterinary practice too”, said Dr. Amarpal, Principal Scientist  and Head, Division of Surgery. The program was inaugurated by Dr. K. Devada, Director of Academics, KVASU. During the inauguration, the teaser of “Health Forecast by Dr. COHEART”, an educational animated video series on public health threats was released by Dr. Mahesh Chander, Head of Division of Extension, IVRI. 

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