Research Projects

Project title

Development of infectious and zoonotic disease management software apposite for man and animals.   

Development of alternate extension model facility as preliminary step to undertake training in food safety and public health.   

Developing Veterinary-Medical-Community partnerships for studying diseases of public health importance with special emphasis on Cholera and Leptospirosis.   

Interface of public health and food industry sector for student, health science graduates and faculties.   

Study on the nasal carriage of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus among dogs.    

Assessment of the microbiological quality of air in the health care settings of various hospitals located in Wayanad district.   

Establishing Zoonotic disease referral extension unit under COHEART.   

Initiating One Health approach for prevention of major zoonotic diseases in Wayanad district.   

Establishment of students One Health club – An interactive platform for veterinary, medical and allied health science students enrolled in selected educational institutions of Kerala.   

Epidemiology of common enteric zoonotic pathogens in Wayanad district.   

Education of farmers and students on good animal husbandry practices and control of health threats through 2 D infographic animation technology.   

Interface program for knowledge transfer on latest technologies and innovations in Veterinary Science, Animal Husbandry and Public Health.    

Strengthening COHEART’s infrastructural capacity for improving web based tools, conducting research and organizing outreach programs for Health-for-All concept

Occurrence and characterization of major antimicrobial resistant and zoonotic entero-pathogens at man-animal-environment interface

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