Seminar on “Application of Geospatial Technological Information on Veterinary Practice”

COHEART in collaboration with Indian Veterinary Association, Pookode organized one-day seminar on “Application of geospatial technological information on veterinary practice” at Veterinary University, Pookode, Wayanad on May 7th 2018. The seminar raised awareness on the application of Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other geo-information technologies in veterinary practices especially for facilitating epizootiological studies of animal disease outbreaks, disease reporting, surveillance, Species Conservation etc. Sumith Satheendran S. Faculty -Geo Informatics Centre for Remote Sensing & GIS, School of Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam and Dr. Girish Gopinath, Senior Scientist, Geomatics Division, CWRDM, Calicut, Kerala were the resource persons.

During the deliberations experts pointed out that GIS is a computerized information system used in all the disciplines dealing with information and data relative to geographical settings and locations like countries, areas or regions and communities or which simply co-ordinates the situation. It helps the epidemiologists and public health professionals in the veterinary sector in analyzing associations between various locations, environment and disease pattern by using different types of maps particularly for the spatial analysis and allows for the capture, storage, manipulation, analysis, display and reporting of geographically referenced data. Those who use GIS in veterinary science recognize that the potential of GIS applications in veterinary science is huge. Nevertheless, the GIS user community in veterinary science is rather small compared to other sectors. Further, there has been a remarkable progress in GIS application in relation to mathematical modeling and spatial analysis/statistics. There is a need of recognized opportunities to share applications and innovations of GIS specifically focused on veterinary science. Multilateral training, capacity building of using technology and funding assistance is needed for a developing country like India to use developed country geo-information technologies to reduce the impact of animal diseases on animal and human populations

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