COHEART participated the 14th annual conference of ISDS in Denver, United States

COHEART participated in the 14th Annual conference of International Society for Disease Surveillance organized at Denver, United States from December 8th  to 10th, 2015. The conference mission was to improve population health by advancing the science and practice of disease surveillance. Dr. Prejit delivered the presentation of The “One Health” experience in India: A partnership among veterinarians, physicians and other healthcare professionals”. He also steered the group of delegates under groupBiosurveillance for One Health” during the pre-conference training which is a community-generated professional development opportunities that address the needs of the biosurveillance workforce. The participants were engaged in process aimed at identifying health problems that benefit from One Health Surveillance, discuss solutions to these problems, determine the data and information needed to support these solutions and identify facilitators, obstacles for solutions, as well as impacts of their solutions on multiple domains. OHS Task Team developed a new definition for One Health Surveillance (OHS) as the continuous, systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of health-related data from multiple disciplines to inform collaborative planning, implementation, and evaluation to achieve optimal health for people, animals, and the environment. COHEART renamed its PG Certificate course on one Health to PG Certificate in one Health Surveillance after the conference as its impact was much felt.

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