School Educational programme at Govt High school Achoor, Wayanad

The participants were VI, VII, VIII and IX students of Government High School Achoor. The title of the programme on “Health, Hygiene and Diseases” alludes to incorporate elements of One Health concept among students. Facilitators of the awareness programme were Megha P.U, Dr Abdulla Sheik and Ayesha Jumana.


The programme was inaugurated by Mrs. Stella, Head Mistress of the School. The participants, who were the members of health club had a good insight on various topics, and by the end were even excited about how they could take it further. 


To keep ourselves free from diseases and to have good health, we should be careful about hygiene. The various practices that help in maintaining good health are called hygiene. The word hygiene comes from a Greek word hygiea that means ‘Goddess for health’ and deals with personal and community health. Thus, health and hygiene go hand in hand or they are interrelated.


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