Training on "Total mixed ration"

Total mixed ration means "the practice of weighing and blending all feedstuffs into a complete ration which provides adequate nourishment to meet the needs of dairy cows." In a simple way, it implies each bite consumed contains the required level of nutrients (energy, protein, minerals and vitamins) needed by the cow. A technical training session on “Total mixed ration” was conducted on 5th August, 2014 for the farmers. The session was handled by Dr. Syam Mohan, Dr. Dildeep V, Dr. Senthil Murugan and Dr. Biju Chacko. The training was organized by Department of Animal nutrition in association with COHEART. A book on the topic was released and distributed to the farmers. The benefits of a TMR include less feed selection by the cow, synchronization of carbohydrate and protein availability in the rumen, and lower rumen acidity. A TMR may save labor and facilitate feeding commodity feeds

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