Workshop on “Curriculum Development of One Health Post Graduate Programme”

The 2 day workshop on “Curriculum development of One Health post graduate programme” held at KVASU was participated by distinguished leaders from field of public health in order to design course structure in a novel area called One Health. The delibrations involved in depth discussion on 2 broad areas, viz., One Health Core and One Health allied. Dr. Gyanendra Gongal from WHO Regional office chaired the session on One Health core and Dr. Kumar Venkitanarayan, Professor from University of Connecticut chaired the One Health Allied session. Broad topics included in One Health Core were One Health concepts and practice, Zoonosis, One Health leadership etc. and subject areas like food safety, environmental health, infectious diseases,  epidemiology and research methodology were included under One Health allied. In the light of discussions held in the workshop we were able to develop a structured syllabus as well as define the scope and objective of the course.  All were of the opinion that the professionals with wide range of expertise and active in different sectors, such as public health, animal health, plant health and the environment, should join forces to support One Health approaches

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