International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) is the largest organization of veterinary students worldwide. The organisation strives to improve the quality of veterinary education and animal welfare around the globe. IVSA Pookode was established at Pookode campus on 26/09/2020. COHEART is the nodal centre. The fourth year student Serinmary P R is the President, Dean, Dr. Koshy John, is the Patron and Dr. Prejit, Officer-in-Charge, COHEART is the Faculty Advisor.

About the logo: The official logo of IVSA Pookode is based on the logo of IVSA Global. Snakes have been used to symbolize medicine for a long time. The eye of the snake is symbolized by the logo of KVASU, our University. IVSA Pookode is the pioneer IVSA chapter in Kerala, hence the logo is dedicated to our beloved state. The elephant is the state animal of Kerala and has a characteristic place in our culture. Our state is known as the land of coconut trees hence its fitting to have it on our logo. Kadhakali, an art form native to Kerala and the special long boats of Alappuzha marks Kerala on the world tourism map. And finally at the centre of the logo is a leaf coloured heart enclosing a human hand and a paw that symbolizes One Health which is what IVSA Pookode stands for.

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