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“For harmony among Man, Animal and Nature”


The logo symbolizes COHEART’s motto of harmony among Man, Animal and Nature (MAN)–with the epicenter of all new ideas and inspirations–“Heart ” at its masthead and a catchy acronym “COHEART“ for a concept embedded in the philosophy of “co-existence”. It shows “C” depicting collaboration and “O” with globe” depicting One Health as a global movement and the Heart formed by hands of Man and Animal embedded in leaf symbolizing intimate relationship of Man and Animal with their environment. KVASU logo is depicted in the form of SUN whose rays goes beyond any obvious benefits being the creator of this centre.

-Conceptualized and designed by Dr. Prejit


COHEART- For harmony among Man, Animal and Nature (MAN)

To be a Global Centre for Excellence in One Health Education, Advocacy, Research and Training 

To support in achieving sustainable health of man, animal and its surrounding environment through leadership, partnership, research and training in One Health domains 


  • EDUCATION of a new cadre of health professionals about One Health - the linkages between animal, human and environmental health. We do this by offering 3 courses- PG Diploma in One Health, PG Certificate courses in One Health Surveillance and PG Certificate in Community Based Disaster Management. All the courses are suitable for health related professionals interested in integrating the knowledge and application of human medicine, veterinary medicine and public health. The exploration of interconnectedness helps us to realize various factors and conditions of healthy co-existence.
  • ADVOCACY for collaboration as an encouragement for professionals to work together in order to attain “Optimal health for people, animals and the environment". Advocacy is through our online technology oriented portals and most importantly through our YouTube channel named as Dr. Coheart where a virtual 2D character educates general public, farmers and professional on emerging health threats and control measures
  • RESEARCH to understand the health threats and disease processes that occur at the interface of human and animal activities and their effects on the environment. We conduct research to improve healthoutcomes of human and animal populations and their surrounding environment. The major research focusses on Animal Health Hazards, Antimicrobial Resistance, Human Animal Conflict, Environmental Health Hazards, Food Safety, Infectious and Zoonotic Diseases, Occupational Health Hazards, Public Health Hazards and Wildlife Research
  • TRAINING AND CAPACITY BUILDING to improve our community’s preparedness and response to hazards affecting man, animal and the environment. As a part of capacity building activities, the Centre organizes series of awareness programmes, camps, interface meets, important day commemorations, seminars, workshop, student event etc. on cross-cutting topic areas.


  • Establish suitable facility for academic, research and training on One Health and develop liaison
  • Empower human resources to face the challenging needs of Health sector particularly zoonoses control
  • Develop One Health competency among various stake holders through dedicated courses & training
  • Develop, implement and sustain strategies for One Health practices by'thinking globally while acting locally'.

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